Process & Manufacturing Capability

Onsite Production Guarantees the Highest Quality

United Pacific Forest Products has complete wood pallet manufacturing capabilities. We produce all of our pallet components onsite so we can ensure quality.

Our facility operates modern production equipment, utilizing the latest technology available to the pallet industry. The success of our manufacturing operation is due to versatility. Computer controlled assembly machines produce both stringer and block style pallets.

Process and Manufacturing Capability

New Pallets

New pallets, both custom and standard, are manufactured from our large inventory of high-quality raw materials. Our state-of-the art manufacturing equipment allows us the expertise and flexibility to handle many different pallet and crating designs. PDS© ensures your wood pallets meet the specifications for your shipping and handling requirements.

We can also meet all of your export shipping requirements, including ISPM 15 compliance. United Pacific Forest Products has several heat treatment kilns and a certification process that is conducted in accordance with the American Lumber Standards Committee.