New Pallets

See How Our Pallets "Stack Up"

Standard Pallets

United Pacific Forest Products carries the following standard pallets:

New Block Pallets

Custom Pallets

United Pacific Forest Products will design a custom pallet for your specific requirement. Our engineers will evaluate the weight load, material handling systems and other specifics to make the best possible recommendations. We will visit your facility to learn more about your process.

We use the Pallet Design System (PDS)© to assist us in designing the best pallet.

United Pacific Forest Products will work with you to develop a cost-effective pallet for your application. Here is what this means for you:

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How Our Pallets "Stack Up"

United Pacific Forest Products manufactures standard and custom new pallets designed to meet your materials handling needs. Located in Portland, Oregon, we have an excellent reputation as one of the most professional wood pallet manufacturers in the country. Our pallet facility manufactures new and heat-treated export pallets.

Wooden pallets are ideal for protecting loads and avoiding damage to goods in transit and storage. They are the most cost-effective handling system available. We offer both standard and custom new wood pallets.

What you need to know about our new wood pallets:

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