Pallet Design

Let's Design a Pallet That Saves You Money.

United Pacific Forest Products is committed to providing you with the right pallet for your needs, at the lowest cost. The Pallet Design System (PDS)© enables us to do just that. It is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that gives us the flexibility to design the best pallet for any job.

First, we input your pallet design alternatives and materials needed to build the pallet into the program. PDS© then simulates pallet strength, stiffness, and life cycle analysis based on user-specified descriptions of the material-handling environment. It produces low-cost and accurate performance forecasts, identifies potential problem areas and helps us come up with the most practical design – without costly trial and error or expensive prototyping and testing.

Pallet Design

The benefits of going with custom-designed pallets using the PDS system:

Detailed pallet specifications and fully dimensioned drawings are available with each order.

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