Pallet Pickup - Portland Metro Area

Good for You and the Environment

United Pacific Forest Products makes all efforts to divert wood waste materials into reusable or recycled products.

We can assist you in removing any of your unwanted wood pallets. Pallet pickup helps to control disposal cost and manage valuable floor space.

Pallet Pickup

United Pacific Forest Products recognizes the need to care for the environment and provide our customers with practical solutions. One of the keys to pallet cost-effectiveness is their recyclability. Some wood pallets can be salvaged utilizing our recycling services. Recycled pallets are refurbished or newly assembled from recycled pallet parts.

United Pacific Forest Products recycles pallets that are beyond repair by grinding them into bark mulch. This recycling program helps the environment by reducing the amount of pallets that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Contact us to arrange for pallet pickup.