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custom pallet design (PDS)

This means the following for you:

  • Made to order
  • The best design to reduce waste
  • Each order includes detailed requirements & drawings
Custom Pallet Design

Pallet design

Let's Design a Pallet That Saves You Money.
United Pacific Forest Products will create a custom pallet to meet your exact needs. Our engineers will assess the weight load, material handling systems, and other details to offer the best recommendations feasible.
We will come to your place of business to learn more about your procedure. To help us build the optimum pallet, we use the Pallet Design System (PDS). United Pacific Forest Products will collaborate with you to create a low-cost pallet for your application.

United Pacific Forest Products is dedicated to supplying you with the best pallet for your needs at the most affordable price. We can do so thanks to the Pallet Design System (PDS). It is a computer-aided design (CAD) program that allows us to create the optimal pallet for every project.

First, we enter your pallet design options and the materials needed to construct the pallet into the computer. Based on user-specified specifications of the material-handling environment, PDS then replicates pallet strength, stiffness, and life cycle analysis. It generates low-cost and accurate performance projections, detects potential issue areas, and assists us in developing the most practical design - all without expensive trial and error or costly prototyping and testing.

The benefits of custom pallets with pds

  • Reduces costs - We design the right pallet without wasteful over-engineering or dangerous under-engineering.
  • Takes guesswork out - PDS© uses detailed information of actual unit load and handling conditions to accurately predict safe load capacity and service life.
  • Meets real world challenges - PDS© quantifies how pallets will perform in racking or conveyor systems and multiple unit stacks.
  • Good for the environment - By increasing the quality of the pallet less packaging material is needed for the outside of your product.

Detailed pallet specifications and fully dimensioned drawings are available with each order.

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