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UPFP: We go way back

United Pacific Forest Products Inc. (UPFP) was established in 1990 in California, initially focusing on cedar fencing manufacturing. Five years later, a strategic relocation to Oregon provided UPFP with a considerable competitive advantage in sourcing raw materials. Over the subsequent 11 years, the company expanded its cedar line nationwide.

In 2006, aiming for diversification, UPFP shifted its focus towards manufacturing pallet components, primarily catering to other pallet companies in the California market. The company soon invested in state-of-the-art automated nailing equipment, amplifying its market presence across the Western States. A few years later, United Pacific solidified its presence in Woodburn, Oregon, establishing a sprawling 10-acre facility with 132,000 square feet of operational space. This expansion quadrupled UPFP's capacity, propelling the company towards both organic growth and multiple strategic acquisitions.

The acquisition journey began with Precision Wood Products in 2009, followed by Bilet Products in 2011, and Taylormade Products in 2014. These strategic moves positioned United Pacific Forest Products as one of the most formidable new pallet manufacturers on the West Coast. By 2016, UPFP further broadened its portfolio by acquiring North End Shipping Components, a company specializing in custom crate and pallet manufacturing.

Today, United Pacific boasts two large manufacturing plants in the Pacific Northwest and caters to customers across 12 states. The company's growth, combined with the integration of top-tier talent and automation, is the cornerstone of UPFP's reputation. It's the primary reason UPFP is renowned for delivering the highest level of quality and service in the industry.
Scappoose Plant - 2014
Drone shot of UPFP
Scappoose Plant - 2023
Drone shot of UPFP Scappoose

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