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Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets are the most common pallet. They are made using two-by-four boards that go along the sides and middle. These boards span the length of the pallet, extending along both sides and continuing through its central region. This design provides them with a durable structure. The stringer pallet can be used in almost any industry.
Key Features

Unique Structure: The defining feature of stringer pallets is the presence of top and bottom decks. Named after the "stringers" that run between these decks, these pallets can be built strong enough to support multiple loads.

Forklift Compatibility: Designed for easy handling, they can be approached by a forklift from two sides. Additionally, notches in the stringers allow for both two-way and four-way configurations.

What Are Stringers?

Stringers, also known as runners, are the boards placed between the top and bottom decks of the pallet. Positioned perpendicular to these decks, they provide the pallet with its distinctive structure.

Advantages of Stringer Pallets

Versatility: A variety of constructions are available to suit different unit loads. The standard industry size is 48' x 40', but for loads that don't fit the GMA criteria, other sizes are available.

Customization: If there's a need for a unique size, United Pacific Forest Products utilizes the PDS (Pallet Design System) to cater to those requirements.

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