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Custom Pallets

United Pacific Forest Products provides our customers with one-of-a-kind solutions for any and all custom wood pallet or container needs. Simply tell us the platform size, type of functionality, and weight capacity parameters, and we can produce the exact pallet or crating solution that's perfect for you.

Custom wood pallets protect items during transport, making them easier to handle with forklifts or jacks, and are more efficient than standard pallets because they fit your product better in shipping containers and use fewer materials.

Once we've identified the best shipping sizes and dimensions, our team will use our Pallet Design System (PDS) to create the custom pallets.

The Pallet Design Systemâ„¢ is a digital platform that we utilize to specify and engineer products. For accurate analytics and designs, the PDS program was created for the wood pallet sector. PDS has been the industry's preferred pallet software product since its inception in 1984.

The Benefits of Custom Pallets

  • Reduces costs - We design the right pallet without wasteful over-engineering or dangerous under-engineering.
  • No more guesswork - PDS uses detailed information of actual unit load and handling conditions to accurately predict safe load capacity and service life.

Detailed pallet specifications and fully dimensioned drawings are available with each order.

Custom Pallet Design

Custom pallet standards

Three shipping aspects to consider when designing custom pallets:

1. Strength - Custom pallets must be strong enough to handle the weight of the materials shipped in order to ship efficiently and safely. Once the specific weight needs are calculated, we will have a better idea of how to strengthen the custom wood pallets.

2. Stiffness - If the pallets are going to be used to convey large products, they must be able to withstand bending and deformation. When pallet deck boards begin to distort, the shipment's integrity and stability are jeopardized.

3. Durability - Before we start, we need to know what kind of goods are being sent and how they should be protected. This allows us to create unique pallets with appropriate top board separation to prevent forklift blades from colliding with the products.

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