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United Pacific Forest Products has over 30 years of experience manufacturing a wide selection of custom crates and pallets, skids, boxes, and containers.  Odds are we have developed something comparable before, if you require it for your manufacturing line. We have your crates and pallets covered, whether they are large or small, lightweight or heavy, robust or fragile.  United Pacific Forest Products is also certified to stamp our crates and pallets with an ISPM-15 or Heat Treated stamp.

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We are happy to help you, whether you are attempting to resolve a specific issue with your current crates and pallets provider or simply looking for more information on certain crates and pallets that will meet your current transportation packaging requirements.

The qualified technicians, competent sales staff, experienced design team, and packaging experts at United Pacific Forest Products are committed to providing cost-effective and secure pallet solutions. We work with companies in a variety of industries and are willing and able to collaborate with you to build a product that fits your needs.
United Pacific Forest Products can provide you with custom pallets, standard pallets, and a variety of different packaging solutions based on your product requirements.
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