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How to choose the right pallet

Pallets are an essential component of both the packaging and the logistics of your product. If you make the right decision, it can have a significant effect on your bottom line. The GMA, or grocery pallet, measuring 48 x 40 inches, is considered the workhorse of the logistics sector.

The vast majority of pallets are custom designed together with our Pallet Design System (PDS) in order to fulfill the requirements specified by the customer.
How to Choose the right pallet

When purchasing pallets, consider these five key points:

1. Stability: Ensure the pallet can support your product's weight. Common designs include "block" and "stringer" pallets. While stringer pallets are often more affordable, block pallets provide strength with minimal weight.

2. Stiffness: The pallet should resist bending or collapsing when loaded. A pallet might be strong but too flexible to hold the load properly.

3. Durability: The term "durability" refers to the capacity of the pallet to resist sustained use during the process of shipping and handling.

4. Functionality and Compatibility: Ensure the pallet material suits what you're shipping, and it's compatible with your handling equipment. For some exports, you'll need pallets meeting the ISPM 15 heat-treated wood standard.

5. Cost: Ensure you're getting value for money. We'll help you find the most cost-effective option.

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