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GMA Pallets

GMA pallets are a popular choice, widely used across a variety of industries. The Grocery Manufacturers Association created this classification system to make it easier to distribute and store food and beverage items.

GMA pallets feature a distinctive top and bottom board pattern. This includes a 1 x 6 x 40 lead board top & bottom, 5 pieces of 1 x 4 x 40 fill boards on top, and 3 pieces of 1 x 4 x 40 fill boards on the bottom.

GMA pallets have notched stringers for entry with a forklift from all four sides, pallet jack entry from the front and back only.

GMA minimum specifications

The most distinguishing feature of GMA pallets is their size. Pallets must be 48" long and 40" wide.

In the United States, the 48" x 40" pallet is the most common size.

United Pacific Forest Products has a PDS (Pallet Design System) software program designed to give approximate weight capacity for the GMA pallet.

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