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Manufacturing Process

At United Pacific Forest Products, our in-house manufacturing capabilities embody excellence in the wood pallet industry. Every component of our pallets is crafted right under our roof, ensuring the highest standards of quality.
State-of-the-Art Technology
Our facility boasts the latest production equipment, blending technological advancements with seasoned craftsmanship. This potent mix allows us to produce both stringer and block-style pallets with precision, thanks to computer-controlled assembly machines. Our dynamic manufacturing operation is the cornerstone of our success.
Custom and Standard New Pallets
With a rich inventory of top-grade raw materials at our disposal, we're equipped to produce both custom and standard pallets in various sizes. Our advanced production technology provides the flexibility to cater to unique pallet and crate designs. Our expertise in the Pallet Design System (PDS) ensures each wood pallet meets your shipping and handling specifications.
Export-Ready Solutions
We're not just limited to local solutions. For those in need of export shipping, we ensure complete adherence to ISPM 15 standards. We pride ourselves on our heat treatment kilns and a stringent certification process, all aligned with the American Lumber Standards Committee guidelines.
assembly worker constructing pallets in a large warehouse

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